Politics stinks

Why I bother to pay attention is a mystery, but whenever I do I see what I’ve long expected; a political class adrift on its own narcissism, incapable of critical thinking, awash with groupthink and repeating the same old same old as nauseum. They truly seem incapable of viewing anything except through the filter of their embedded mindset, unable to understand that it is they who are the problem, and that they have driven increasing numbers of people away from politics, or, worse, to the right, anywhere but supporting the robots of the liberal-left.

Corbyn appeared fleetingly to be different, but it was only because he had spent a lifetime as an outsider opposed to the mainstream dogma, and soon after being accidentally chosen as leader, he has toes the line, and the power has clearly changed him for the worse. Hypocrisy is now his middle name, he answers questions with prepared statements instead of honest answers, and denies his lifelong opposition to the EU, instead, calling for an election he then refuses to go with, and all the time trying to span all opinions as if anyone would want to vote for a confused mob constantly riven with in-fighting and power struggles.

The liberal-left are responsible for the drift of the electorate towards the right, in denial that their PC groupthink has finally driven most people to support anything rather than their free-speech denying humbug. The right, especially the alt-right, have taken advantage of this and are full of sound, sensible critiques and ideas, seeming to say what ‘ordinary people’ have been saying for years. Outside the Westminster bubble the country is so sick of being lectured and sneered at by a self-appointed elite which seems to become dimmer and more disconnected by the day. The media, no better than their chatterati feeding tough overlords, continue their obsessive groupiedom, and truly haven’t a clue what’s going on. Whatever happens they will report on it with the lack of understanding they have always displayed. They need the political class as much as ever, and share its shallowness and asdsumption of superiority. They too are widely despised.

And all through it the young are increasingly calling out ‘what about our future’, and despite the rush of selfies with Greta, none of them do other than pay lipservice to the climate emergency; it is inconvenient when all they can think of is the economy and the ever-present need for growth; the driver of climate destruction. And they fail to see the contradiction.

Eventually, the young will come to understand that they have been patronised and their marches ignored or patronised, and will start to get angry as they see any future being sacrificed to greed, and will become very angry. Then the spanner in the works will start; sabotage of the engines of growth, blocking airports and oil terminals, closing down roads and refusing to consume.