My new supply arrives

Well it’s worked twice more; my back being bad at present made the arrival of my new supply of Blue Edition CBD oil welcome and I immediately rubbed some in. Again, relief was immediate, from lying groaning on the bed, I was up and found myself rehanging  heavy curtains with a new rail, long needed and delayed. Then searching for other necessary work needing doing, a sure sign pain was absent.

The Blue Edition from is thick, not mostly carrier oil and a bit of something as so many are. This version is 30% pure CBD added to hempseed oil, and it works. I would recommend it to anyone with back pain issues, although I’m sure there are plenty of other uses, with more being added all the time. It’s not cheap, but best to avoid the cheap ones, you get what you pay for. At £20 plus it seems a lot for a small dropper bottle, but it’s a large bottle and it’s full to the brim with thick dark oil, only a drop or two is needed, and it goes far.

With police chiefs publicly stating cannabis should be legalised, it can’t be many more years before the insanity of this situation is finally abandoned for common sense and rational judgement. The whole plant oil is best for most uses, CBD isn’t the whole answer, there are up to a hundred cannabinoids in this miraculous plant, and all must be investigated for the role they play. The current paranoia over the psychoactive cannabinoids, principally THC, is bizarre, especially since our society finds drunks amusing, especially if they are so incapable they can’t stay standing. Yet THC, which doesn’t incapacitate, is feared by most in positions of authority; yet the worst they have to fear from legalisation is being laughed at.

I should add that the colours of the Editions bear no relation to the oil, which is dark brown in all Editions, but the dropper tops are coloured to differentiate between strengths.


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